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Plugd Offsite @ Sirius Plugd Offsite @ Sirius

Plugd Offsite @ Sirius

31st Jan 2016

Plugd Offsite @ Sirius
12 - 5.30pm / 5.30 - 8pm (€8 after 5.30pm)
Plugd is an independent record shop based in Cork City.

Browse, listen, talk, drink a coffee. A slow Sunday afternoon of listening and chat with Plugd Records. Followed by food and live music from 5.30pm.

12 - 4:              Plugd Pop Up - shop til you droop with Albert and Jimmy.

4 - 5.30:           Listen In - a song sharing affair on vinyl. "The differences in music taste should not constitute obstacles in our relationships. Rather, they should lead us to accept our differences and each other." Sidonie Gabrielle.
About Listen In
The idea is for people to bring along a piece of music that means something to them, for whatever reason at all! It can be an association with a certain time, place or person, a funny anecdote or piece of trivia, how you connect or relate to it somehow. You are invited to take part however you wish. We welcome you to make a contribution by sharing your music, thoughts and feelings, or simply being part the experience through listening and enjoyment. It's important to note that the true purpose of the evening is inclusion, tolerance and expression through music. There is no right or wrong. You do not have to be any sort of connoisseur of left-field rarities, have an impressively large music collection, or even describe yourself as a music fan at all to take part! CD, vinyl, all formats welcome. It's a bit of fun and hopefully you can take something worthwhile away from it.

5.30 - 6.30:      Gulpd Eats - Join Mikey and Doxy for a taste of what Plugd's sister cafe is about.

6.30 - 8:           Live - Hames [James Fortune] - Ambient improvised guitar driven soundscapes & Dancing Bears [Rory O'Brien] - ‘Irish Primitive’, acoustic trance banjo, using finger style playing and wordless vocals.

€8 admission (after 5.30pm) for Gulpd Eats / Live music.

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