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Press and publications

Press and publications


Relevant publications in print:


BrianO'Doherty/Patrick Ireland: Word, Image and Institutional Critique, Mia LermHayes

BrianO'Doherty/Patrick Ireland: Between Categories, BrendaMoore-McCann


Recent press:


Irish Examiner

Cork Gallery restores Brian O'Doherty murals hidden for 20 years - Irish Examiner.

Most ambitious programme ever - Evening Echo

Most ambitious programme ever - Evening Echo.

Brian O'Doherty: "Ireland does not appreciate its foreign achievers" - Irish Times.

Art to make you shiver: Ghostly visions appear in Cobh - Irish Times. 

Aidan Dunne - Irish Times.

Mary Robinsons visit for the launch of Brian O'Doherty's The Ogham Cycle. 

The Sunday Times.