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Current artist in residence Current artist in residence
 Image Tony O' Driscoll

April 2017 
Alex Yudzon (US)

Alex Yudzon is a New York based photographer working primarily in the genre of still life. Making elaborate environments that frequently reference art history, Yudzon’s work confronts our perception that the world has slipped into an advanced state of decadence and decline.. 
Yudzon’s ongoing series titled “The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food” recreates illustrations from a Soviet era cookbook belonging to his mother. By hand making items that are no longer commercially available, like cans of food, tablecloths and designer plates, Yudzon’s photographs look unreal and act to disrupt the linearity between past and present. 

In another series, “The Raft of the Medusa”, Yudzon borrows the language of 17th century Vanitas still life painting to create unnerving scenes of sumptuous decay. Using profuse quantities of food in suggestive combinations, Yudzon creates a world both beautiful and revolting. Hand painted scenes or reproductions of famous paintings are used as backdrops to further emphasize the contrast between the idealized depictions in the backgrounds and the entropic arrangements in front of them. Together, these contradictory juxtapositions lend Yudzon’s work a dark, abject humor which both agitates and moderates our anxiety of collapse through overabundance. 
Alex Yudzon was originally born in Moscow and moved to the United States at the age of 8. After receiving his BFA in painting from Chelsea College of Art in London, Yudzon moved to New York and began his career as an artist. Since then Yudzon has participated in numerous exhibitions both inside the United States and abroad including at; The Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, The Aluna Foundation of Art, Ein Harod Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel and the Kolkata International Performance Art Festival. Although he has worked with photography throughout his career, in 2015 Yudzon decided to make a permanent switch and work exclusively in that medium. Since then his series “A Room for the Night” has traveled to 3 exhibition venues in Italy and France. 

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Helen Frosi, materials studies workshop at soundfjord
Helen Frosi, materials studies workshop at soundfjord