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Current artist in residence Current artist in residence
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Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong (Australia)

Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong are Australian artists who embed the arts into the daily lives and habits of the public and communities, and vice-versa. Their current projects range from short documentary films to year-long commitments that involve multiple events created in collaboration with other creative professionals, local community, interest groups, individuals, institutions and government.

They will be resident at the Sirius Arts Centre for the month of October and will be holding a talk to discuss their work and their upcoming project in Cobh on Thursday 12th October.

The artists would like to meet members of the local community who are interested in discussing "The Future". This may be a personal future, of a profession or trade; it may be the future of Cobh, Ireland, the environment or of our race. What is important? If the world is about to change beyond recognition, what should persist and what should change? What would make tomorrow worth living for? What keeps you up at night?

If you are not able to attend the talk and would be interested in meeting Liz and Kevin, they can otherwise be contacted at

Elizabeth & Kevin website



Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong

Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong, Video still from Signs, Signals and Semaphores, 2016