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Image Tony O'Driscoll
June 2017

Susan MacWilliam (N. IRE)

Working with video, photography and installation Susan MacWilliam investigates obscure and overlooked histories, and cases of perceptual and paranormal phenomena. Her work explores subjects that are on the periphery of the mainstream and that fall beyond conventional fields of science and psychology. She made work about mediumship, ectoplasm, X-ray vision, telepathy, table tilting, clairvoyance, remote viewing and dermo optical perception.   

Susan has worked closely with prominent parapsychologists and psychical research institutions including poltergeist investigator Dr William G. Roll, the Dermo Optical Perception Laboratory of Madame Yvonne Duplessis, Paris, and the New York family of Irish medium Eileen Garrett. She has worked extensively with historical archives including those of the writer Kathleen Coyle, Derry; Parapsychology Foundation, New York; T.G. Hamilton Spirit Photograph Archive, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg; Parapsychology Laboratory Records, Duke University, and Rhine Research Center, Durham, NC.

 The exhibition Susan MacWilliam: Modern Experiments will open at West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen in September 2017. This major touring exhibition provides an extensive overview of MacWilliam’s practice and presents works from 1998–2016. 

Born in Belfast in 1969, Susan MacWilliam represented Northern Ireland at the 2009 Venice Biennale; she was awarded the Ormeau Baths Perspective Prize, 2003; and was shortlisted for the 1999 Irish Museum of Modern Art Glen Dimplex Artists Award. MacWilliam was artist in residence on the PS1 International Studio Programme, New York in 1999/2000 and has worked on residencies in Ireland, Trinidad, Slovenia, America and Canada. She has had solo exhibitions throughout Ireland, the UK and North America. Her video works are held in the British Library Sound Archive. Susan is a lecturer in Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

May 2017
Matthew Noone (AUS) 

Matthew Noone is a composer-performer whose primary instrument is the 25 stringed North Indian lute called sarode.  

Born in Australia (1976) to an Irish emigrant father, Matthew was originally involved in the post-rock scene in Brisbane playing guitar, drums and electronics.  He performed with a number of influential experimental bands in Brisbane and Sydney before travelling to India where he became obsessed with North Indian classical music and the sarode. For over six years, he dedicated himself to disciplined study of the instrument in Kolkata with Sougata Roy Chowdury before eventually returning to Ireland to settle in 2007.  

Since settling in Ireland, Matthew has become well recognised as a performer/ teacher of North Indian classical music and also has performed with several fusion acts such as the BAHH BAND and JIGGY.  He was awarded funds (2013) by Music Network to design and build a new instrument for playing Irish traditional music and since has performed and recorded with musicians such as Martin Hayes, Steve Cooney, Ronan O Snodaigh and Tommy Hayes.  He was awarded an Irish Research Council scholarship in 2014 to complete a PhD- Arts Practice for his explorations of the performance potential of Irish traditional music on the sarode. He also has been supported by Culture Ireland for two tours of India (2013, 2014) and has received regular support from the Arts Council and Clare Arts Office for his ongoing training and development of new musical projects.  

Most recently, Matthew has become interested in exploring the contemporary original composition potential of the sarode outside of Irish or Indian genres.  He is particularly interested in exploring the uses of electro-acoustic manipulation and loops to create drone textures.  He is currently developing a solo performance show which features sarode, fiddle, ukulele and loops and plans to release his debut solo album in 2017.   

April 2017 
Alex Yudzon (US)

Alex Yudzon is a New York based photographer working primarily in the genre of still life. Making elaborate environments that frequently reference art history, Yudzon’s work confronts our perception that the world has slipped into an advanced state of decadence and decline.. 
Yudzon’s ongoing series titled “The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food” recreates illustrations from a Soviet era cookbook belonging to his mother. By hand making items that are no longer commercially available, like cans of food, tablecloths and designer plates, Yudzon’s photographs look unreal and act to disrupt the linearity between past and present. 

In another series, “The Raft of the Medusa”, Yudzon borrows the language of 17th century Vanitas still life painting to create unnerving scenes of sumptuous decay. Using profuse quantities of food in suggestive combinations, Yudzon creates a world both beautiful and revolting. Hand painted scenes or reproductions of famous paintings are used as backdrops to further emphasize the contrast between the idealized depictions in the backgrounds and the entropic arrangements in front of them. Together, these contradictory juxtapositions lend Yudzon’s work a dark, abject humor which both agitates and moderates our anxiety of collapse through overabundance. 
Alex Yudzon was originally born in Moscow and moved to the United States at the age of 8. After receiving his BFA in painting from Chelsea College of Art in London, Yudzon moved to New York and began his career as an artist. Since then Yudzon has participated in numerous exhibitions both inside the United States and abroad including at; The Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, The Aluna Foundation of Art, Ein Harod Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel and the Kolkata International Performance Art Festival. Although he has worked with photography throughout his career, in 2015 Yudzon decided to make a permanent switch and work exclusively in that medium. Since then his series “A Room for the Night” has traveled to 3 exhibition venues in Italy and France.


March 2017
Petros Chrisostomou (UK)

Petros Chrisostomou photographs small-scale, ordinary, ephemeral objects in architectural models that he constructs himself, and then dramatically arranges, often employing lighting and staging conventions of the theatre.

Petros Chrisostomou was born in London, 1981. He lives and works in New York. He was a resident on the International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York, as well as the winner of The Red Mansion Art Prize, where he worked for a concentrated period of time in Beijing, China. His work has been included in public and private collections worldwide.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Miscellaneous and Blended- Art from NYC’ Museo De Arte De Sinaloa (2014) ‘Nirvana- Strange Forms of Pleasure’ MUDAC, Musee de design et d’art appliques Lausanne (2014) Vertigo, Xippas Gallery, Geneva (2013) ‘Ficciones, International Biennial of Photography, Punta Del Este, Uruguay (2011) Plastic Lemons, Spring Projects, London (2011) Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed, The Photographers Gallery, London (2009) In Present Tense-Young Greek Artists, EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (2008) 3rd Beijing International Art Biennial, British Pavilion, Beijing (2008). 

February 2017 
Sheelagh Broderick (Ire) 

Sheelagh Broderick is an artist and researcher. She develops her practice through processes of immersive social engagement. She is interested in the generative potential released when people come together in different configurations. Increasingly she is preoccupied by the idea of the anthropocene (the geological age of humans, named for their planetary impacts) and what it means for politics and art. 

November 2016
Amy Perejuan-Capone (AUS) 

Amy Perejuan-Capone lives and work between Perth, Western Australia, and Reykjavik, Iceland (or elsewhere very very north). She graduated with a BA(Fine Art) from Curtin University in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design from Central Institute of Technology (Perth) in 2014. Amy creates work under her label Horse On Toast as well as under her own name. The label is about gleeful absurdity and serves as a conceptual guide for my creative investigations. Amy draws in detail very normal inorganic objects (such as trucks and budget supermarkets) as an attempt to capture and represent their innate subjectivity. Her limited edition or one-off furniture pieces, ceramics and drawing/paintings exist on a spectrum that spans ideas made manifest (as sculpture) through to traditional object representation (with plenty in between).

During her residency Amy will be connecting her Fremantle, Western Australian heritage to the heritage of Cobh as it lives through us: the people, structures, and communities of now. Amy will give an artist's talk and workshop on November 17th at 6.30pm. For this event the participants will create 'autobiographical pictorial maps' which describe the familiar places, experiences and memories of the map maker: a map not for where you're going, but where you've been. 

Horse on Toast

Peter Broderick  (US)  OCTOBER

Although he has primarily made a name for himself in the music world, multi-instrumentalist and composer Peter Broderick is interested in exploring a multi-disciplinary approach to his art practice.

Peter’s passport looks like something of an art piece itself, thick with added pages after having run out of free space for stamps several times. Since 2007 he has traveled the world relentlessly, performing both as a solo act and as a member of various groups, including the renowned Danish band Efterklang.

Several celebrated record labels have invited Peter to release his recorded works, such as Erased Tapes and Bella Union, among others. With each recording he has aimed to reinvent himself, resulting in a diverse catalogue that might very well cause a listener to wonder if two different albums are in fact made by the same Peter Broderick.

Many of Peter’s records are decorated with his own photographs and artwork, and he has also experimented with moving pictures, directing several short films and music videos. One of his favourite ways to be creative is in the kitchen, cooking up edible works of art. The fact that the work vanishes while being consumed goes to demonstrate Peter’s focus on the process of creating, as opposed to only being fixated on the result!

Growing up in the tiny town of Carlton, Oregon, Peter started with private violin lessons at age seven, studying both classical music and folk tunes, many of which originated in Ireland. With this recollection of childhood melodies and his own Irish blood, Peter aims to explore his roots through an on-going residency at the Sirius Arts Centre throughout 2016.

Helen Frosi (UK) - August 

Helen Frosi’s interests revolve around call and response, improvised activity and ludic principles. Preoccupied with the idea and act of exchange - skills, experiences, objects, memories - her practice is cross-disciplinary and necessitates collaboration.

As a conceptual focus for her creative practice Helen established SoundFjord (the UK’s first project space entirely dedicated to sound) in 2010. It began life as a gallery and venue for curious minds to meet and collaborate. By 2015, SoundFjord had metamorphosised into an extended network, educational and curatorial platform, working in purposefully tangential ways, through ideological cross-pollination and experimental collaboration with like-minded creatives, specialists and organisations.

Recent collaborations include co-founding the London-based Tape Orchestra; co-curating curatorial interventions with Kostis Kylimis as Either Ear; hosting DIY audio-visual events with Leslie Deere as Shorts For All Seasons; co-curating the Full of Noises Festival (Cumbria) as Octopus Collectives’ first curator-in-residence and co-curating Summer Club // Sound with Andie Brown (These Feathers Have Plumes) for V22 (London). Under the moniker Postcards from the Volcano, Helen constructs transmission art pieces and immersive sonic environments with Stephan Barrett. And as SoundHoppers, Helen collaborates with Wajid Yaseen to create sound and listening playgroups for 5 to 11-year-olds.

Helen is currently an honorary research fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London (Unit for Sound Practice Research).


Áine Phillips (IRE) -  July

Áine Phillips is one of Ireland's established performance artists and the editor of 'Performance Art in Ireland: A History', which has just been published by the Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books UK. She has presented multi-media performance works internationally since the late 80's and has created work for diverse contexts; public art commissions, the street, club events and gallery/museum exhibitions. Her work has been shown across five continents, in places such as Tokyo, Ljubljana, New York, Uganda, Brisbane and the Tate Britain. She has worked extensively as a curator of performance events in Ireland and the UK. Phillips is the Head of Sculpture at Burren College of Art (NUI Galway) and holds a doctorate in performance art from NCAD.

“Performance Art in Ireland: A History” 2016 United States Speaking Tour Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, PortlandSupported by Culture Ireland as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme.
Performance Art in Ireland: A History, available now on Unboundat The Live Art Development Agency's website

Robin Parmar (CAN/IRE) - May

Robin Parmar combines deep research with intermodal praxis in composition, improvisation, radiophonics, poetry, and image-making. His formal training is in theoretical physics, audio engineering, and electroacoustic composition. He has edited books of creative writing, curated a concert music series, and co-authored one of the first studies of hypertext. Currently he teaches "Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, and Modalities of Listening" at the University of Limerick. 

Robin's work explores generative conceptions of place, ideologies of field recording, and the poetics of spatial relationships. These subjects form the basis for doctorate research at De Montfort University, Leicester. Sound works have appeared in Ireland, England, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Canada, and the USA. 

His collaborators have included The Quiet Club, Anthony Kelly, David Stalling, Ed Devane, and Harry Moore. Recent albums include "...between..." (Gruenrekorder, 2014), a collaboration with David Colohan of United Bible Studies, and "The Drones" (Stolen Mirror, 2013). He has recently presented on the screendance of Angela Conway, the "space" of Joy Division, "Digital Angst and the Phenomenology of Discontinuity", and "Hearing as Science-Fiction".  
Robin also runs the label Stolen Mirror, which is currently releasing electroacoustic noise music from Irish artists Steve McCourt and Fergus Kelly. 


Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong (Autralia) - April/May

Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong are Australian artists whose work sits firmly between community and contemporary visual art: they create projects that develop a rich and sympathetic relationship to the public and host communities whilst producing outcomes that aim to be imaginative, innovative, challenging and critical. Typically, their projects draw on developing creative collaborations between institutions, arts organisations, community groups, individuals, members of the public and interdisciplinary groups of creative professionals.

Since 2012, Woods and Leong have been working on The Homesickness Project, an umbrella project that uses an expanded definition of homesickness to study a time when it is increasingly difficult to be "at home" in the world. In an environment of growing conflict, elitism, scrutiny, fear and displacement, and as pre-industrial global inequality resurfaces with democracy in crisis around a weathered sense of the commons, the project argues that the world is becoming increasingly less of a "home" and that, as a race, we are becoming progressively more "homesick".

The first chapter of the the project was a search for shared visions of home in Logan City, Queensland - a region of extraordinary socio-economically and culturally diversity - while the second chapter, titled Proof of Life, is currently under development with the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart, Tasmania. During their residency, Woods and Leong will be investigating the development of an Irish chapter with the Sirius Arts Centre.

Feb & April - Cliona Harmey (IRE)

Cliona Harmey will take part in an ongoing residency at Sirius in 2016 producing a series of new exploratory works. She will explore the link between maritime space and more mainstream communications such as computing and telecommunications. While resident at Sirius she will build on previous work and connect with local organisations that work in this field. Her work is often inspired by contemporary and obsolete technologies, technical histories, contemporary sculpture and DIY electronics. She is also interested in different ways of making elements of ephemeral/ live information/data more concrete or tangible through sculpture, software, film, photography and electronics.

Cliona Harmey has been active as an artist since the mid ‘90s. She graduated from the Sculpture Department at NCAD but now works across a variety of media. In 2015 she completed a major temporary commission for Dublin City Council called “Dublin Ships” which used AIS (a marine tracking technology) to output the names of the most recently arrived and departed ships to large public screens. The changing juxtaposition of the ship names formed a type of generative writing/poetry. She will have a solo exhibition at the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny in June 2016 where she will show some of the work created during residency times at Sirius. She previous showed work at Sirius in 2014 at an exhibition called “We All Live on the Same Sea”. Other recent exhibitions include “The Phoenix Rising” at the Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin, Lacuna at Taylor Gallery and “The Future is Self Organised” in Limerick City Gallery.

You can see details of Dublin ships work here:
You can see some of her recent sculptural work here:

March - Leah Beeferman (US)

Leah Beeferman is a New York City-based artist working with digital drawing, video, and sound. She received a BA from Brown University and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and has participated in residencies including LMCC Workspace (NYC), The Arctic Circle (Svalbard), SIM (Reykjavik), Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago), Kökarkultur (Finland) and Diapason (NYC). Recently, she has shown work at Rawson Projects, NY; Klaus von Nichtssagend, NY; Essex Flowers, NY; Fridman Gallery, NY; Ditch Projects, OR; and Interstate Projects, Brooklyn. She also co-runs Parallelograms, an ongoing online artist project.

Artist’s statement:
'I make abstract digital drawings, videos, laser etchings, and sound pieces: distinct processes linked by interconnected forms and ideas. These works contribute to a larger, ongoing study of digital drawing which seeks to generate spaces of flatness and infinite depth — by merging a very “real” space from my own observation and experience with the nonvisual, imaginary, and intangible space of theoretical physics.'  soundcloud-leahbeeferman

vimeo-leahbeeferman  parallelograms


February - Sarah Lincoln (IRE)

Using photography, video and time-based presentations Sarah Lincoln's work seeks out inconspicuous, yet disquieting realities made evident in the landscape.
Her work responds to particular ways in which the natural world has been categorized and managed, her work-processes often usurp mundane forms and gestures.
More recently Sarah has used video as a way to explore local geographies; employing techniques associated with collage to suggest alternative histories – both local and geologic – to dig beneath our surface landscape in an attempt to present a more complex understanding of a locale. Sarah graduated from NCAD in 2004, holds an MA in Visual Arts Practice from IADT and writes for Enclave Review and Critique.

She has worked collaboratively in developing a video project, Faint Echo (2014) and through a screen-based project called RAFT (2013- 2014), which responds to the various uses being made of a patch of Irish ocean.
Sarah's work has been included in Claremorris Open, EVA and as part of numerous group exhibitions, most recently 'The Pattern Exchange' in Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (curated by Rosie Lynch and Hollie Kearns).


November 2015 - Øyvind Hjelmen,

Øyvind Hjelmen lives and works on the island of Stord, off the west-coast of Norway. Apart from having attended various photographic workshops he is autodidact as an artist. He holds a BA in modern art and aesthetics from the University of Bergen. Øyvind Hjelmen has been working with photography as his artistic expression for more than 20 years,  and his works have been exhibited in USA, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Greece,  Lithuania, Japan, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Georgia and Norway. Among the collections that hold his works are The Museum of Fine Art in Houston, USA, and Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri - Verona, Italy

He specializes in hand-printed black and white images, hand-bound artists books and portfolios, and larger format unique photograms. His black and white photographs are all gelatine silver prints, film based, and are all handmade by the artist. Color work is giclee fine art prints, also originally film based. Equipment includes everything from old cameras and a Holga, to the more modern Rolleiflex and Hasselblad. He has been teaching photography for more than 10 years, teaching workshops at all levels. He has also been guest lecturer at the American Intercontinental University in London, and at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo.

He is currently also Artistic Project Manager and curator for the Artist-in-Residence program at Halsnoy Monastery, Sunnhordland Museum, Norway.

October 2015, Jed Speare.

Jed Speare is an interdisciplinary artist who has presented time-based arts internationally for over thirty years. In 2008, The Wire magazine called him “a pioneer of multimedia presentation,” for his use of field recordings in performance and collaborations. His work encompasses sound art and composition,  recordings, video, performance, public projects, sonic research, electronic imaging, and writing. In Boston, he’s had a long association with two alternative arts organizations, Mobius and Studio Soto, and has been Director of them for a combined twenty years.

September 2015- Dr. EL Putnam

Dr. EL (Emily Lauren) Putnam is a visual artist, scholar, and writer working predominately in performance art, video, sound, and interactive media. Her work draws from multiple themes and sources, including explorations of gender and sexuality, play, materialism, and the study of place, which she investigates through personal and cultural lenses. Her writing and research focuses on continental aesthetic philosophy, performance studies, digital studies, feminist theory, and examing the influence of neoliberalism on artistic production. 

EL has actively been presenting artworks and performances in the United States and Europe for the past decade, and has been a member of the Mobius Artists Group since 2009. She is currently part-time faculty at the Dublin Institute of Technology and Maynooth University.

EL Putnam


July 2015 - Elizabeth Duffy

Elizabeth Duffy is a multidisciplinary artist whose work engages practices of process-based drawing, installation, sculpture and photo. Her work is influenced by feminist art, an itinerant way of life, and the confluence of art with everyday life. Elizabeth’s photographic and research based object and installation work investigates perceived ideas about security, domestic comfort and its attendant risks. Using the patterns from the inside of security envelopes she subverts the original intention of these designs to keep information secure by turning them inside out.
Duffy has exhibited work at the Drawing Center, the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, White Columns, Dartmouth College's Strauss Gallery, Pentimenti Gallery and Dam Stuhltrager Gallery. In 2013, she was awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities grant at the Bard Graduate Center to research American Material Culture in 19th Century New York. She has held residencies at the Bogliasco Foundation/Liguria Center for the Arts and Humanities in Bogliasco, Italy (2012), the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council on Governors Island (2012), the Corporation of Yaddo, where she was awarded the Louise Bourgeois Residency (2010, 2000), the MacDowell Colony (2005, 2004. 2003, 2002). Duffy’s work is in the collections of Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investments, the Heard Museum and Dartmouth College Rauner Special Collections Library.
Elizabeth Duffy


May/June 2015 - Leah Garnett

Leah Garnett is a visual artist based in New Brunswick, whose practice involves drawing, sculpture and installation. Having worked at the Fire Station Artists Studios in Dublin in 2014, Garnett has been developing a series of drawings based on construction job sites, looking at how we perceive, shape, and represent space. This work continues Garnett’s ongoing interest in the relationships between architecture, landscape, and cosmology. By addressing these different scales of space, Garnett questions the boundary between the tangible and the abstract, representing spaces beyond physical comprehension, such as magnetic fields, outer space, and the ocean.

Originally from the coast of Maine, Leah Garnett is a Canadian American who lives and works in Sackville, New Brunswick.  She has exhibited in Canada, the US, and Germany, and attended residencies at the Fire Station Artists' Studios, the MacDowell Colony, the Banff Centre for the Arts, and Struts Gallery.  She received her BFA in Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and her MFA from the University of Guelph 2004.  She currently teaches drawing and sculpture at Mount Allison University.

Leah Garnett


April 2015 - Sun Ju Lee

Sun Ju Lee, Korean artist based in London, describes her work as ‘looking at the significance of place, the way we interpret constructed space as living with a stranger’s perspective’. Her work involves walking and photographing spaces, reconstructing those spaces, with particular attention to the relationships between people and space, which she calls movement stories. Using printmaking, drawing and digital printing Lee offers the viewer alternative relationships to space.
Lee graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 with an MA in Fine Art Printmaking and has exhibited her work widely in London and Korea, showing for example at GalleryDOS, Seoul and Lightbox Gallery in London. Lee received the Tim and Belinda Mara Award, the Nancy Balforur Award and a Mathews Wrightson Trust Award in 2009 & 2010.
Sun Ju Lee

March - Rosa Arruti

Rosa Arruti has worked for many years under the alias NAD SPIRO, a solo venture where complex processed guitars are built into a world of electronic textures. Nad Spiro’s recordings have been released on the pioneer Spanish electronic label GEOMETRIK RECORDS. Work has also been included in international compilations like the monographic The Laptop and Electronic Music (Contemporary Music Review +cd, Edimburgh 2003) or SUDAMERICA ELECTRONICA II (cd+dvd, Buenos Aires 2008).
Rosa Arruti aka NAD SIRO’s sound investigations cover a wide ranging musical spectrum, from early activity in some of Barcelona’s cult avant-garde bands to collaborations with other musicians (like Kim Cascone and My Cat is an Alien), experimental theatre groups and video artists.
Rosa Arruti site



  • Angelica Hoger (Germany)
  • M. Kelby (USA)
  • Mandy Barker (UK)
  • Martha Burgess (USA)
  • WE ALL LIVE ON THE SAME SEA curated by Rana Ozturk
  • Mark Garry, Paid Murphy & Sean Carpio, David Farrell, Margaret Fitzgibbon, Cliona Harmey, Deniz Uster, Gülsün Karamustafa, Fiona Marron, Tayfun Serttaş (Turkey & Ireland)



  • Kane Do (Korea/Berlin, Germany)
  • False Optimism / in partnership with Crawford Art Gallery, Cork
  • Declan Clark, Una Quigly and Aids-3D (Daniel Keller & Nick Kosmas)
  • Little pieces of no value / in partnership with allerArt, Buldenz Austria, Alfred Graf, Edith Hofer, Johannes Ludescher, Alois Galehr & Monika Boldrin (Austria)
  • Cruel and Unusual / in partnership with Noorderlicht, Netherlands
  • Curators Hester Keijser (Hague, Netherlands) & Pete Brook (UK/USA)
  • Laurent Millet (France)
  • Jan Caspers (Berlin, Germany) Gary Rosborough (Derry, N. Ireland)
  • Peter McGlinchy (Australia)
  • Colin Gee (USA)



  • Michael Grieve (London, UK)
  • BCXSY  ( cooperative designers Boaz Cohen (Israeli/Dutch) and Sayaka Yamamoto (Japan/Netherlands)
  • Florian Wüst (Berlin, Germany)
  • Kane Do (Berlin, Germany)
  • Sputnik Photos, the International Assosiation of Photojournalists (Warsaw, Poland) Adam Pańczuk, Jan Brykczyński, Agnieszka Rayss, Rafał Milach, Michał Łuczak
  • Stephen Vitiello (USA)
  • Conall Cary (Scotland) in collaboration with Cork Printmakers



  • Deirdre Nielson (Scotland)
  • Travis Sommerville (USA)
  • Doug Dubois (USA)
  • Alan Giddy (Australia)
  • Tatiana Kellner (USA)
  • Lucy Powell (UK/Berlin)
  • Kane Do (USA/Berlin)



  • Deirdre Nelson (Scotland)
  • Maleonn Ma (China)
  • Doug Dubois (USA)
  • Carla Bertola & Alberto Vitacchio (Italy)
  • Carolyn Shadid Lewis (USA)
  • Karen Brummend (USA)
  • Marco Vernaschi (Italy)



  • Charlie Jouvet (France/Berlin, Germany)
  • David “Ike” Eisenlord (USA)
  • Krzysztof Miekus (Poland)
  • Alfred Graf (Austria)
  • Doug Dubois (USA)
  • Ellen Driscoll (USA)
  • Hartmut Stockter (Copenhagen, Denmark)



  • Alieen Lambert (Ireland)
  • David Bickley (Ireland)
  • Daniel Heer (Switzerland)
  • Charlotte Hug (Switzerland)
  • Gilles Perrin (France)
  • Sian Bonnell (UK)
  • Evi Karagiannidis (Greece)
  • Textile Artists from Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury (Poland)
  • Zorka Project (Poland) in association with Krakow Month Of Photography



  • Gilles Perrin (France)
  • Harri Palviranta (Finland)
  • Michelle Sank (UK)
  • Malcolm McClay (Ireland/USA)
  • Han Sunpil (Korea)
  • Martin Sims (Australia)
  • Paul Geofferje (Netherlands)
  • Cork Harbour Project (Mixed Artists)



  • Viv Corringham (UK)
  • Simona Barbera (Italy)
  • Reiner Reidler (Austria)
  • Meridel Rubenstein (USA)
  • Deborah Dallman (UK)
  • Paul Geofferje (Netherlands)
  • David Jacques (UK)
  • Daniel Heer (Swiss)
  • Klavdij Sluban (French)
  • Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva (UK/Macedonia)



  • Ann Shostrum (USA)
  • Ellen Harvey (USA)
  • Olwen Fouere, Alice Maher, Trevor Knight (Ireland) in partnership with Cork 2005 & the National Sculpture Factory, Cork
  • Mara Adamitz Scrupe (USA) in partnership with the Crawford Art Gallery
  • Hendrike Kuehne (Germany) and Beat Klein (Switzerland) as part of a Project Grant funded by the Arts Council
  • Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison (USA) in Partnership with The Gallery of Photography, Dublin
  • Julie Bacon (N. Ireland)
  • Christian Maychack (USA)



  • Julie Bacon (N. Ireland)
  • Jaakko Niemela (Finland) in association with the Crawford Municipal Gallery
  • Hendrikeje Kuehne and Beat Klein (Switzerland)
  • Patrick Jolley (Ireland)
  • Antonio Scarponi (Italy) in association with Cork Art Trail 2004
  • Elizabeth Barbush (USA)



  • Thea Gvetadze (Germany)
  • Dieter Buchhart (Vienna/Austria)
  • Kim Jones (USA)
  • Hisao Suzuki (Japan)
  • Nellie Strowbridge (USA)
  • Mark Clare (Ireland)



  • Mark Clare (Ireland)
  • Hugh Davies (England) in association with Triskel Arts Centre, Cork
  • Patrick Michael Fitzgerald (Spain)
  • Ola Gustafasson (Sweeden)
  • Greg Hannon (USA)
  • Lee Hassall (England)
  • Katie Holten (Ireland), Johanna Domke (Denmark), Friedrike Rueckert (Germany) in association with Germinations 13 and the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork
  • Camilla Low (Scotland)
  • Clare Keegan (Ireland)
  • Maia Naveriani (Georgia/England)
  • David O'Brien (Ireland)
  • Valeska Peschke (Germany)
  • Andre Stitt (England)
  • Soos Tamas (Hungary)
  • Lois Weinberger (Belgium) in association with Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin



  • Peggy Sue Amison (USA)
  • Shane Cullen (Ireland) in association with the National Sculpture Factory, Cork
  • Eileen Healy (Ireland)
  • Igor & Svetlana Kopystiasky (Germany/USA)
  • Willie Mckeown (Ireland)
  • Julie Murray (USA)
  • Gerry Murphy (Ireland)
  • Maia Naveriani (Georgia/England)
  • Francois Rio - (France) in association with the Cork County Council
  • Gail Richie (Ireland)
  • Maura Sheehan (USA)
  • Kevin Todd (Australia)
  • Gabriela Weeks (South America)



  • William Anastasi (USA)
  • Dove Bradshaw (USA)
  • Tom Drake Bennett (Germany)
  • Jools Gilson-Ellis (Austria/Japan) in association with Cork County Council
  • Danny McCarthy (Ireland) in association with the National Sculpture Factory, Cork
  • Elenor Mitch (USA)
  • Denis O'Connor (England)
  • Helen O Leary & Katie Holton (USA/Ireland)
  • Pepeniere in association with the National Sculpture Factory, Cork
  • Ben Reilly (Ireland)
  • Yuko Shiraishi (London)


1999 :

  • John Adams (Ireland)
  • Dorothy Cross (Ireland)
  • Janet Mullarney (Ireland)
  • Barbara Hunt (USA)
  • Elizabeth Magill (England)
  • Kim Jones (USA)
  • Helen O Leary (USA)



  • Patrick Moloney (UK)
  • Byron Kim (USA)
  • Lynne Yamamoto



  • John Cronin (USA)
  • Catherine Owens (USA)
  • Jim Sanborn (USA)
  • Maura Sheehan (USA)



  • Richard Gorman (Italy)
  • Leone & Macdonald (USA)
  • Michael Rouillard (USA)



  • Patrick Ireland (Ireland/USA)
  • Lynda Cronin (USA)
  • Robert Janz (N. Ireland)



  • James Turrell (USA)



Susan MacWilliam The Only Way to Travel

Susan MacWilliam The Only Way to Travel

Áine Phillips Red Weight, Krakow 2013, photograph by Mieszko Stanislawski
Áine Phillips Red Weight, Krakow 2013, photograph by Mieszko Stanislawski
Robin Parmar 2016 - from Cobh Sounding
Image from Robin Parmar's residency blog Sounding Cobh
El Putnam balcony performace image, Sept 2015.
Leah Garenett May/June 2015