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The Long Table The Long Table

The Long Table

9th May 2019

The Long Table
Thursday 09 May, 6:30pm

The Long Table is a local election event with a difference. Instead of the usual debate over the local issues, the sitting councillors and candidates will try to find agreement on what is most important in the future of the Great Island. Will they succeed? Will you agree?

Elections are not only times for campaigns, competitive differentiation and debate but are also times of heightened reflection. Sitting politicians, candidates and the voting public are all prompted to reconsider the needs and aspirations of communities, their relative importance, and how these can be understood and met.
In the lead-up to the local election, The Long Table seizes on the opportunity presented in this reflective time to pursue common understanding through a two-part experimental public event derived from art education. In the first part, each election candidate for the district of Cobh presents a three minute response to a question: What is most important in our vision of Cobh's future? In the next, each candidates presents a summary of what they understood to be the common vision amongst the candidates.
Regardless of whether a coherent common vision of the future is attained, The Long Table presents an opportunity for sitting councillors and candidates to build public confidence in politics and politicians by demonstrating their interest in improving their understanding of the community, that they are open about how their ideas and policies are determined, and that they are willing to work cooperatively in the community interest.
This event will run for up to two hours, including an interval.

This event is in association with See you tomorrow and This Must Be The Place | Great Island.