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The Postcard Show 2016 The Postcard Show 2016

The Postcard Show 2016

1st Dec 2016 - 12th Feb 2017

The Postcard Show
Sirius Arts Centre
Opens Thursday 01 December 7pm
Runs until 12 February 2017
Works available to purchase online from 02 December - details here

Facilitated and organised by Claire Ryan.


Following on from the success of the first edition in 2013, the Postcard Show 2016 is a large fundraising exhibition at Sirius Arts Centre that will showcase unique, small-scale works in a variety of media from emerging and established local, national and international artists.

While the Sirius Arts Centre programme is supported by the Arts Council and Cork County Council, additional financial support must also be generated annually through fundraising initiatives to meet the needs of the programme. The Postcard Show 2016 will play a vital part in this fundraising initiative, thanks to the generosity of many friends, colleagues and supporters from all over the world who have donated artworks for the exhibition. Works from over 150 well-known and emerging artists will be shown in two of the galleries and will be available for visitors to purchase from the arts centre or online for a mere €35 each, with all proceeds going towards the artistic programme at Sirius Arts Centre.

The artworks will be exhibited anonymously and can be viewed online through a dedicated website. Each artist’s name will be revealed after a purchase. Works will be available for purchase at the opening from 7pm and through the website from 02 December right through until the 12 February.

Exhibition opens 01 December at 7pm and runs until 12 February
For more information contact us on:
+353 (0) 21 481 3790 /

How to take part:
We are no longer accepting submissions.
Your support and interest is hugely valued, thank you in advance for your time, creativity and support!

Who is involved:Adrian Duncan
​Aideen Barry
​Ailbhe Ni Bhriain
Aileen Conroy
Aine Farrell
Aine Phillips
Aisling Morgan
Alice Maher
Allan Giddy
Amanda Coogan
Andre Stitt
Angela Fulcher
Angelika Hoger
Annabel Elgar
Anthony Kelly
Aoibheann Greenan
Aoife Desmond
Brendan Earley
Brian G Keogh
Brian MacDomhnaill
Brigid Delahunty
Brigit Lochmann
Carol-Anne Connolly
Catherine Cullen
Catherine Cummins
Christopher Boyle
​Christopher Shore
Claire Ryan
Cliodhna O’ Riordan
Cliona Harmey
Colette Lewis
Colin Aherne
Colin Crotty
Colm Rooney
Craig Carry
Damien Flood
Danny McCarthy
Darn Thorn
David Fagan
David Farrell
Declan Rooney
Dennis McNulty
Doug DuBois
Dragan Tomas
Dragana Jurisic
Edward Hurley
Eithne Twomey
Eli Caamano
Elizabeth Daly
Elizabeth Woods & Kevin Leong
Ellen Harvey
Ellen O'Connell
Emma Haugh
Eoin O Conaill
Erika Boniburini
Evi Karagiannidi
Fiona Marron
Frieda Meaney
Georgia Hopkins
Gregory Valton
Hartmut Stockter
Harry Moore
Helen Devitt
Helen Horgan
Helio Leon
Hendrikje Kuhne & Beat Klein
Ivan Rynn
James Greenway
James L. Hayes
Ide Ni Shuilleabhain
Jill Quigley
Jim O'Brien
Jocelyn Adam
John Keating
Jonathan Mayhew
Karen Brummund
Karl Burke
Kate Nolan
Kathryn Maguire
Kathy Tynan
Katie Holten
Kenneth King
Kevin Holland
Kieran Mackessey
Kim Morris
Larry Dunne
Laura Smith
Leah Corbett
Leah Garnett
Lee Welch
Liam Campbell
Liam O'Callaghan
Liz Nielsen
Lorraine Neeson
Louise Maher
Lucy Phelan
Mami Sexton
Mandy Barker
Margaret Phelan
Mark Beatty
Mark Clare
Mark Curran
Mark Gary
Mark Heffernan
Martin Healy
Martina Flanagan
Mary Clarke
Maud Cotter
Megan Eustace
Mick O’ Shea
Miriam O' Connor
Muireann Brady
Natasha Bourke
Øyvind Hjelmen
Padraig Spillane
Patricia Taylor & Peter Alexander
Peter Broderick
Rachael Ni Chuinn
Raphael Llewellyn
Rebecca Bradley
Richard Forrest
Richard Hartigan
Richard Steele
Robert Downes
 Robin Parmar
Rory Perrott
Rory Tangney
Roseanne Lynch
Sanda Galina
Sarah Lincoln
Sarah O'Brien
Sean Hanrahan
Stefania Sapio
Stephane Bruchet
Stephen Brandes
Stephen Mc Glynn
Sun Ju Lee
Susan Montgomery
Suzie Walsh
Suzy O'Mullane
Thomas Brezing
Tina Horgan
Tom Dalton
Tom O'Sullivan
Tony Su
Tracy Fitzgerald
Travis Somerville
Vanya Lambrecht-Ward
Wendy Aldiss
Yvonne Condon  
Zar Burton
Zita Reihill
Zoe Casati