Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Leah Beeferman | Learning & Outreach | Sirius Arts Centre Cobh

Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Leah Beeferman Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Leah Beeferman

Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Leah Beeferman

29th Mar 2016

Current artist-in-residence Leah Beeferman will give an informal presentation about her work in the context of her residency at Sirius Arts Centre. She'll talk about some of her current concerns: rocks, water, greens and greys, abstraction, visual language, digital images, questions and an impatience to answer them. The presentation will take place in the residency space at 6.30pm on Tuesday 29th March.

Leah Beeferman is a New York City-based artist working with digital drawing, video, and sound. She received a BA from Brown University and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and has participated in residencies including LMCC Workspace (NYC), The Arctic Circle (Svalbard), SIM (Reykjavik), Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago), Kökarkultur (Finland) and Diapason (NYC). Recently, she has shown work at Rawson Projects, NY; Klaus von Nichtssagend, NY; Essex Flowers, NY; Fridman Gallery, NY; Ditch Projects, OR; and Interstate Projects, Brooklyn. She also co-runs Parallelograms, an ongoing online artist project.

Artist’s statement:
'I make abstract digital drawings, videos, laser etchings, and sound pieces: distinct processes linked by interconnected forms and ideas. These works contribute to a larger, ongoing study of digital drawing which seeks to generate spaces of flatness and infinite depth — by merging a very “real” space from my own observation and experience with the nonvisual, imaginary, and intangible space of theoretical physics.'