Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Helen Frosi | Learning & Outreach | Sirius Arts Centre Cobh

Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Helen Frosi Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Helen Frosi

Artist-in-Residence Talk Series: Helen Frosi

1st Sep 2016

Sirius Artist-in-Residence Talks Series presents:
Helen Frosi
Sirius Arts Centre Residency Space
Thursday 01 September 6.30pm

Artist-in-residence Helen Frosi, welcomes you to an informal presentation of her current preoccupations in response to her residency at Sirius Arts Centre on 01 September at 6:30pm. 

Focusing on collaborative acts and play, through a variety of media, expect to use your eyes, ears, mouth and nose during the event…

Helen’s interests revolve around call and response, improvised activity and ludic principles. Preoccupied with the idea and act of exchange - skills, experiences, objects, memories - her practice is cross-disciplinary and necessitates collaboration.

As a conceptual focus for her creative practice Helen established SoundFjord (the UK’s first project space entirely dedicated to sound) in 2010. It began life as a gallery and venue for curious minds to meet and collaborate. By 2015, SoundFjord had metamorphosised into an extended network, educational and curatorial platform, working in purposefully tangential ways, through ideological cross-pollination and experimental collaboration with like-minded creatives, specialists and organisations.

Recent collaborations include co-founding the London-based Tape Orchestra; co-curating curatorial interventions with Kostis Kylimis as Either Ear; hosting DIY audio-visual events with Leslie Deere as Shorts For All Seasons; co-curating the Full of Noises Festival (Cumbria) as Octopus Collectives’ first curator-in-residence and co-curating Summer Club // Sound with Andie Brown (These Feathers Have Plumes) for V22 (London). Under the moniker Postcards from the Volcano, Helen constructs transmission art pieces and immersive sonic environments with Stephan Barrett. And as SoundHoppers, Helen collaborates with Wajid Yaseen to create sound and listening playgroups for 5 to 11-year-olds.

Helen is currently an honorary research fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London (Unit for Sound Practice Research).

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