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Amy Perejuan-Capone workshop and talk Amy Perejuan-Capone workshop and talk

Amy Perejuan-Capone workshop and talk

17th Nov 2016

Artist-in-Residence Talks Series: Amy Perejuan-Capone workshop and talk
Thursday 17 November
Free entry – all welcome

During her residency Amy will be connecting her Fremantle, Western Australian heritage to the heritage of Cobh as it lives through us: the people, structures, and communities of now. In this artist talk and workshop Amy the participants will create 'autobiographical pictorial maps' which describe the familiar places, experiences and memories of the map maker: a map not for where you're going, but where you've been. 

Amy Perejuan-Capone lives and work between Perth, Western Australia, and Reykjavik, Iceland (or elsewhere very very north). She graduated with a BA(Fine Art) from Curtin University in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design from Central Institute of Technology (Perth) in 2014. Amy creates work under her label Horse On Toast as well as under her own name. The label is about gleeful absurdity and serves as a conceptual guide for my creative investigations. Amy draws in detail very normal inorganic objects (such as trucks and budget supermarkets) as an attempt to capture and represent their innate subjectivity. Her limited edition or one-off furniture pieces, ceramics and drawing/paintings exist on a spectrum that spans ideas made manifest (as sculpture) through to traditional object representation (with plenty in between).

Horse on Toast