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Ongoing residencies 2016

Ongoing residencies 2016 Ongoing residencies 2016
Image by Natasha Bourke.
Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty (IRE)

Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty have been working together since graduating from Fine Art at NCAD in 2010. Recent exhibitions of their work include: Amharc Fhine Gall X - Transhistorial Terrain, joint exhibition with Ella DeBurca, Draíocht, curated by Linda Shevlin, 2015; Foaming at the Mouth 6, visual art spoken word event, Amsterdam, curated by Tracy Hanna & Emer Lynch, 2015; Amid the Deepening Shades, self-initiated group exhibition at the Deer Park Hotel, Howth, 2014, and Wound with a Tear, offsite solo exhibition at Trinity College Dublin in association with The Douglas Hyde Gallery, curated by Michael Hill, 2014.

Clinton and Moriarty use performance, video, sound installation and storytelling, along with a detailed research process to convey visions of transience and resistance. Through mimetic acts of communication and repetition, of resurrection and preservation, they interrogate humanity’s struggle against overwhelming natural forces and ask how we can look beyond our limited perception of endurance. They are currently building a body of work to be exhibited after a year-long residency at Sirius Arts Centre.

The opening reception for this exhibition will take place on the first of October, to mark 100 years of Daylight Saving Time in Ireland. Daylight savings was introduced here in 1916, either (according to different accounts) because of World War One and the need for improved fuel efficiency, or to better facilitate telegraph communication and shipping coordination. Before the introduction of the Time (Ireland) Act, 1916, Ireland used to operate on Dublin Mean Time, which is actually 25'21" behind GMT. This lapse is understood by the artists to be comprised of endless missed opportunities relative to the disjointed unfolding of the 1916 rebellion. With this in mind, the exhibition at the Old Yacht Club will be structured as a five-part tragedy that is preoccupied with the lost 25 minutes and 21 seconds of Irish time. The time change is an example of a contested moment in history, much like 1916 itself, and this exhibition intends to explore the multiple layers and consequences of the events as they have been remembered and interpreted in the 100 years since the Easter Rising.

Recently they were awarded the Arts Council 16 x 16: Next Generation bursary. The 16 x 16: Next Generation bursaries are awarded to innovative young artists, in a special initiative of the Arts Council and the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme, in recognition of the role of artists in the events of 1916.


Peter Broderick (US)

Although he has primarily made a name for himself in the music world, multi-instrumentalist and composer Peter Broderick is interested in exploring a multi-disciplinary approach to his art practice.
Peter’s passport looks like something of an art piece itself, thick with added pages after having run out of free space for stamps several times. Since 2007 he has traveled the world relentlessly, performing both as a solo act and as a member of various groups, including the renowned Danish band Efterklang.
Several celebrated record labels have invited Peter to release his recorded works, such as Erased Tapes and Bella Union, among others. With each recording he has aimed to reinvent himself, resulting in a diverse catalogue that might very well cause a listener to wonder if two different albums are in fact made by the same Peter Broderick.

Many of Peter’s records are decorated with his own photographs and artwork, and he has also experimented with moving pictures, directing several short films and music videos. One of his favourite ways to be creative is in the kitchen, cooking up edible works of art. The fact that the work vanishes while being consumed goes to demonstrate Peter’s focus on the process of creating, as opposed to only being fixated on the result!
Growing up in the tiny town of Carlton, Oregon, Peter started with private violin lessons at age seven, studying both classical music and folk tunes, many of which originated in Ireland. With this recollection of childhood melodies and his own Irish blood, Peter aims to explore his roots through an on-going residency at the Sirius Arts Centre throughout 2016.












Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty,
Fog Detector, Amid the Deepening Shades, 2014.
Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty,
Amid the Deepening Shades 2014 site specific work at the Deerpark Hotel Dublin.
Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty,
Territory of Strangers (unnamed labyrinth),
phosphorescent beach stones, Broadstone Studios (2014).
Peter Broderick