Luka Bloom SOLD OUT | Performing Arts | Sirius Arts Centre Cobh

Luka Bloom SOLD OUT Luka Bloom SOLD OUT

Luka Bloom SOLD OUT

31st Aug 2018


Luka Bloom SOLD OUT
Friday 31 August, 8pm (doors 7.45pm)
Tickets €20

Irish folk singer-songwriter Luka Bloom returns to Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh in August 2018, for the first time since 2012.

“Since November 2017, I have been out and about singing old and new songs and especially singing from my last record REFUGE. It is such a privilege to still be out in the world singing my songs, and connecting with people. Songs bring me to truly exotic destinations, like Cobh, County Cork. Singing ‘Exploring The Blue’ as the sun is setting outside The Sirius Arts Centre is a moment I always cherish, and I can’t wait to sing it there on August 31st”.

Luka Bloom, June 2018

“The very embodiment of the folk singer, Luka Bloom has that deep sense of social justice with an uncanny ability to distil contemporary life into the pithiest and most alluring combinations of lyrics and melody lines. Last year’s album, Refuge, put a finger on the fractured nature of so much of what’s happening in our world today, from homelessness to war to climate change. His voice is still as open and honest as it was over 30 years ago, and his guitar finds chord combinations that are all his own. Passion, playfulness and pause for thought: a hearty combination in any gig”.

Siobhan Long, Irish Times. March 2018.