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The Lark on the Strand The Lark on the Strand

The Lark on the Strand

14th Sep

Lark on the Strand at SIRIUS

The group Lark on the Stand comprises Charlie Piggott of De Danann, Gerry Harrington, Peter Browne, and Seosaimhín Ní Bheaglaoich. They are all recognised for their own careers and came together in an eclectic blend to form Lark on the Strand in 2000. Individually and as a band, they have been woven into the fabric of traditional Irish music over the years. They perform a mix of folk and Celtic music.

During a tour in January of the same year, a recording of their concert was made. This long-forgotten piece was recently unearthed and revisited, setting the basis for a new tour. At SIRIUS, they present an evening of lively music along with some firm favourites from over the years.

Saturday, 14 September
8pm (doors: 7.45pm)
Tickets: €17.50 (non-refundable)
Advance booking via Eventbrite is recommended (
Tickets may also be purchased at the SIRIUS reception before each performance.
For assistance, ask a member of staff at the SIRIUS reception.

Accessibility Note
Our building has accessibility limitations. There are three steps to the front door, but a
temporary wheelchair ramp is available upon request. Our toilets are accessed via stairs and
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