Jennifer Evans / The Great Balloon Race | Performing Arts | Sirius Arts Centre Cobh

Jennifer Evans / The Great Balloon Race Jennifer Evans / The Great Balloon Race

Jennifer Evans / The Great Balloon Race

27th Jun 2015


Saturday 27 June
8.30pm (doors 8.15pm)

Jennifer Evans, currently one of Ireland’s finest, most distinctive Irish female vocalists, skilfully combines jazz, blues and dark folk influences into a unique style that remains soulful, ardent and graceful in equal measures.

Jennifer's irresistible voice echoes the jazz roots of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, and her live performances capture the attitude and modernity of artists like Anna Calvi and St Vincent.  Her song writing style is elusive and unique, and the songs are lyrically rich and ambiguous, instinctive and emotional, focusing on empirical knowledge, personal experiences, a questioning of identity, origin and home.

Her long-awaited debut album, Works From The Dip and Foul, was released in Nov 2014 in Ireland. 

‘A stunning blend of jazz, blues and rock, her debut album boasts a singularity of vision that places Evans in the same category as St Vincent and Anna Calvi...this is as strong and memorable a debut you’ll hear from an Irish artist this year’, The Irish Times

‘A distinct and singular singer, floating beautifully between jazz, folk, blues and pop rock...a fine debut - Jennifer Evans take a bow’, Hot Press

‘Admirers of the great Patti Smith and the twice-Mercury nominated Anna Calvi could do a lot worse than make Evans’s acquaintance’, Irish Independent.

Colours of Bruises video
Unfinished Sympathy video


The Great Balloon Race travel above ground. An Earth-based, human-fronted (and backed) music group from now, they listen and then produce the results. They are influenced by the future and by the past. 

The past was Cardboard, released in 2012, and more recently Why Meddle? earlier this year. The future will be an upcoming 7" record and a new album that is under construction.

“Eerie keyboard swells, and odd-yet-catchy vocal melodies that sound as though these musicians are very familiar with the more outrageous Real Book Standards”

“A spoonful of gypsy folk, a dash of pyschadelia and a nice big dollop of jazz”

“When a band lays waste to limitation and lets the musical breeze carry them in whatever direction it may blow, that is when truly magnificent music is created”