Culture Night: Kevin Murphy & Mary Barnecutt | Performing Arts | Sirius Arts Centre Cobh

Culture Night: Kevin Murphy & Mary Barnecutt Culture Night: Kevin Murphy & Mary Barnecutt
Kevin Murphy & Mary Barnecutt. Photo Gregory Dunn

Culture Night: Kevin Murphy & Mary Barnecutt

21st Sep 2018

Kevin Murphy & Mary Barnecutt. Photo Gregory Dunn


Culture Night
Friday 21 September
Sirius Arts Centre

Kevin Murphy & Mary Barnecutt
7pm (galleries open all day until 9.30)

For Culture Night 2018, Sirius Arts Centre will present a new collaboration with musicians Kevin Murphy (Slow Moving Clouds/Seti the First) (cello/voice) and Mary Barnecutt (cello/piano). This is a rare opportunity to see and hear these two outstanding performers in the intimate setting of Sirius Arts Centre, in the Old Yacht Club in Cobh. The event is free and not to be missed!

Kindly supported by Cork County Council

Kevin Murphy is an experimental cellist and composer whose dynamic and innovative approach continues to challenge the accepted scope of music for cello. He has been involved in numerous collaborations over the past twenty five years, including with notable rock/avant garde artists such as The Band, Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Gavin Friday. He has also collaborated with Irish traditional artists such as John Spillane, Phil Callery, (Voice Squad), Ger Wolfe and Cormac Breathnach. He is a founding member of renowned experimental Irish bands Seti The First and Slow Moving Clouds. Seti The First’s debut album Melting Calvary received critical acclaim both at home and abroad while similarly, Slow Moving Cloud’s debut album Os, which innovatively fuses Finnish and Irish traditional influences with otherworldly soundscapes has caught fire both in Ireland and internationally. Kevin has co-composed the soundtrack to Juanita Wilson’s new film Tomato Red and The Lodgers. He has also co-composed the score for Michael Keegan Dolan’s award winning dance/theatre show Swan Lake/Loch na Heala.

Mary Barnecutt is a musician based in Dublin who plays across a wide range of genres. As a composer–performer, she has created music for film, theatre, dance and educational projects. Her debut album, ‘Into Air’ (Mary & the Pigeons), was described by the Irish Times as ‘a lush collection that sounds organic and occasionally magical...****’ She has worked with artists such as Chequerboard, Julie Feeney, Adrian Crowley, Seti the First, Vanishing Lakes, Vyvienne Long, and Slow Moving Clouds, currently performing with them in Teac Damsa’s critically acclaimed production of Swan Lake/Loch na hEala on tour. Mary runs two weekly instrumental projects at primary schools in North Dublin city. She is also currently director of the Sundays@Noon Concert Series in the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin and founding co-director of Spike, Dublin’s annual alternative cello festival.

Slow Moving Clouds
Mary & the Pigeons