Sirius Suppers Presents: Clang Sayne | Performing Arts | Sirius Arts Centre Cobh

Sirius Suppers Presents: Clang Sayne Sirius Suppers Presents: Clang Sayne

Sirius Suppers Presents: Clang Sayne

10th Aug 2018


Sirius Suppers Presents:

Clang Sayne
Friday 10 August

Food served from 7.30pm, music at 9pm sharp
€20 includes meal and music

Sirius Suppers Menu

Sirius Suppers combine an evening of food and music, with evening meal provided by foodies Comida, followed by new music from the best of Ireland’s emerging artists. A sociable and affordable evening offering opportunities to hear new music and try out local fare, at Sirius Arts Centre.

Clang Sayne are an experimental folk quartet (four voices, guitar, bass clarinet, cello, drums) exploring the boundary between song and sound improvisation. Their music has been described as "exhilarating in its refusal to conform" (The Wire Magazine) , and "showing an uncategorisable approach to song craft" (Boomkat). They released their second album, 'The Round Soul of the World' in Spring 2017, a track from which appeared on the April 2017 edition of the Wire's Tapper cd series. You can hear the album in full here:


Round Soul of the World



Curse You, Mocking Moon



"A live experience not to be missed"

Hot Press, Ireland

"Freestyle guile, wonky pop spirit and avant-everything experimental folk-jazz moxie."

Jim Carroll, Irish Times, Irl

"The hypnotic, hymnal nature of these songs fuels a desire to unravel their mysteries." 

Lauren Murphy, Irish Times, Irl

"An ambitiously complex and genuinely fascinating album all at once; one which manages to simultaneously move the heart and mind."

Fractured Air, Cork

"One of the most interesting new bands from Ireland in recent times."

No More Workhorse Blog, Dublin

"A sonic landscape of real, oftentimes transcendental beauty." 

The Thin Air Magazine, Belfast

"Laura Hyland is one of the most uncompromising and purest artists I know. I don't know how she makes her music, but I want to hear more of it." 

Bernard Clarke, Blue of the Night, Lyric fm, Irl

"A singular, defiantly independent voice in the lineage of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, and Bjork."

Cormac Larkin, Irish Times, Irl